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Mackie 32-channel 4-bus FX Mixer with USB

Mackie 32-channel 4-bus FX Mixer with USB

Mackie - MAC-DL1608 Digital Mixer

Macke har nettopp lansert DL1608 - en 16 kanals digitalmikser med 16 ONYX preamps og 6 sends. Det spesielle med denne mikseren er at den ikke har noen fadere, pan- eller EQ-knapper - den har kun 16 preamp knapper og så en tilkobling til Apple iPad. Hele betjeningen foregår fra iPad'en som kan monteres direkte i mikseren eller man kan ta den ut og mikse blant publikum eller ha den montert på et mikrofonstativ på scenen. Opptil 10 iPad's kan tilkobles så alle på scenen kan ha hver sin og kontrollere deres egen monitorlyd via et av de 6 monitorsends. Det er selvfølgelig innebygde effekter, EQ, kompressor og gate på hver kanal. på monitorsends og master output er det grafiske EQ'er samt kompressor/limiter. Lyd fra iPad kan også integreres i mikseren samt at du kan ta opp direkte til iPad'en og for eksempel laste opp til Soundcloud, MySpace etc.
kr 10 595,00

A Revolution in Mixing!
Mackie's DL1608 16-channel live sound mixer is designed to integrate with your iPad for an unprecedented level of hands-on control over your live sound. It packs a set of 16 Onyx microphone preamps and high-quality 24-bit Cirrus Logic converters. Onboard iPad integration adds processing and effects, as well as wireless mixing capability. The DL1608 even supports up to 10 wireless iPad connections at once, providing an innovative solution for onstage monitor control and remote mixing. You get the acclaimed sound of Onyx preamps, with the unparalleled power and convenience of the iPad's intuitive interface - you'll love mixing with your iPad and the Mackie DL1608 digital mixer!

16-channel mixer with 16 Onyx mic preamps
While Mackie's DL1608 uses your iPad for all hands-on functions, the audio path is pure Mackie. You get 16 acclaimed Onyx mix preamps, which sound their best thanks to high-end Cirrus Logic digital converters. Even if you're running a busy mix with lots of effects, the sound is big and well-defined, with a remarkably low noise floor.

Six aux sends and support for up to 10 wireless iPad connections
The DL1608 digital mixer has six aux sends available, and actually supports up to 10 wireless iPad connections, making it easy for everyone to control their own monitor mix. The band will love having control over their own mix, and you'll love the time saved setting up everyone's mix to their liking. You can even lock-out the extra iPads from certain functions, ensuring that no one else can alter your main mix settings.

Record your mix to the iPad or integrate audio from any app
It's easy to record your main mix straight to your iPad with the DL1608 digital mixer. You can also play back music from you iPad, great for pre-show music and set breaks. In fact, you can even integrate audio from any music app directly into your live set, thanks to the DL1608's pre-assigned iPad channel in the mixer!

Mackie DL1608 Digital Mixer Features:

  • 16-channel mixer with 16 Onyx mic preamps and high-end Cirrus Logic converters for top-notch sound quality
  • iPad integration gives you access to powerful touch-sensitive plug-ins
  • 6 x aux sends and support for up to 10 wireless iPad connections provide easy monitor mixing
  • 4-band EQ, gate and compression on all inputs and 31-band GEQ and comp/limiter on all outputs
  • Record your mix to the iPad or integrate audio from any app
Pris kr 10 595,00
Technical info


  • 16 Onyx mic preamps
  • High-end Cirrus Logic® converters
  • Ultra low-noise, high-headroom design
  • 6 aux sends for monitor mixes
  • Master L/R output for mains
  • Powerful, touch-sensitive plug-ins
  • 4-band EQ, gate and compression on inputs
  • 31-band GEQ and comp/limiter on outputs
  • Global reverb and delay
  • Seamless wired to wireless mixing
  • Tune the room from anywhere
  • Get on stage to ring out monitors
  • Personal monitor mixing
  • Use up to 10 iPad devices simultaneously
  • Intuitive Master Fader app
  • “Grow and Glow” visual feedback
  • Preset and snapshot recall
  • Record the mix to the iPad for instant sharing
  • Integrate music from any app into the mix
  • PadLock™ feature locks down iPad for permanent installs
  • Industry standard Kensington lock secures mixer
  • Compact footprint saves precious workspace
  • 3.2 kg

iPad connectivity:

  • Wireless connectivity seamless mixing by
  • Personal Monitor Mixing
  • Up to 10 iPads used simultaneously
  • Intuitive master fader App
  • Visual feedback
  • And Snapshot Preset Recall
  • Recording of the mix on the iPad
  • Integration of music from any app into the mix
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