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Mighty Bright Sight Reader

Lampe til belysning av noter, teksthefte og notater osv.

kr 250,00
The Sight ReaderT, from the makers of Mighty BrightT, is a powerful music light with a compact design that fits into almost any instrument case. Useful for gigs or as a practice light, this handy accessory can be taken everywhere. It features a clip-on or freestanding design so it can be attached to a music stand, keyboard or piano. Multipurpose Light: Musicians Orchestras Book Readers Travelers Churches  Schools And it's bright, too! Orchestra and stage tested, the Sight Reader is great for use in dark clubs, at mixing boards and even in orchestra pits. The light can be used cordless with 4 AA batteries or with an optional AC adapter. Replacement
Pris kr 250,00
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