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Mission Engineering - VM-1 Aero - Volume Pedal med tuner ut og mute switch - Flat Black

Varekode: MISS-Aero-FB

Tilgjengelighet: Levering 3 -7 dager

The extended sweep of the Aero design and switchable tuner mute, make this a great all round guitar volume pedal
kr 2 490,00

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The rear cut away and extended length curved surface are ergonomically designed for comfortable use in either standing or sitting positions.

With a passive ‘no tone suck’ circuit, the VM-1 Aero features an isolated tuner output and integrated mode switch. All VM-1 Aero models also include Missions illuminated base. Visible from any position, the transparent acrylic base illuminates indicating selected mode.

Active Mode
Main Output is active with zero volume at heel down and max volume at toe down. Tuner output is disconnected to avoid tone suck. Base illuminates green by default but can be changed to blue (using internal switch).

Tuner Mode
Tuner output is enabled. Main output is attenuated providing reduced volume at toe down, and zero volume at heel down allowing tuning silently, or with a small amount of audio. Base illuminates red.


Produktmerke Mission Engineering
Prisnivå kr 2 490,00

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