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Zoom GFX 5

kr 2 300,00
GFX 5 Pakket med muligheter! 75 forskjellige effekter 10 samtidig 60 preset + 60 programmerbare Trommemaskin En liten sampler Robust metallsjassi Expr. pedal
Pris kr 2 300,00
Technical info 15 types of authentic amp modeling and 15 classic effects The GFX-5 lets you emulate the sound of legendary guitar amps and famous effect pedals with extraordinary accuracy. From vintage combo to modern high-gain amp, you can experience them all. Add distortion, overdrive or fuzz, or mix and match to create your own sound. The cabinet simulation module even lets you get that miced-up cabinet sound you hear on classic recordings. The GFX-5 also has an acoustic simulator with three variations that will change your electric guitar in a great-sounding to an acoustic.
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